Summer Box Office: A Tipping Point?

The summer of ’14 may go down in entertainment industry history as the tipping point of something. Consider these facts: Domestic U.S. box office revenue from May 2 through Labor Day was an estimated $4.05 billion, an eight-year low and, when accounting for inflation, a 17-year low. Moreover, box office receipts are down 15 percent from last summer’s record $4.75 billion and cinema attendance in the U.S. tumbled more than 5 percent.

 Is this a blip or a trend?

Either way, we wonder if the results are due to a declining interest in super heroes, blowing things up, renegade anti-heroes or movie-going in general? Whatever happened to the romantic comedy, or the non-CGI drama with good characters and interesting stories? They are out there, but not always easy to find.

Fact is, some of the richer content coming out of tinsel town is non-theatrical and showing up on Netflix, AMC, HBO and elsewhere. What does that lead us to conclude about audience taste and consumption habits? Is Gen-Y more interested in binging on HOUSE OF CARDS and BOJACK HORSEMAN than going to see another effects laden, mega budget tent pole?

Enquiring minds want to know. Any opinions out there?

Von Johnson

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